Eu@genio, the European genius

                            The Mailman

                     The bearable lightness of being

                                   Indian Holy man version

                                       Golden magician version

                                          Middle Ages version

                                            Santa Claus version

                                            Arabic version

                                         The shows:

The shows are static. The actor may interact with the public or not, it depends on circumstances and from his willing. He distributes colored cards (pearls of wisdom) containing various aphorisms.

Number of people required:

at least 2 (in small festivals, 1 or 2 days)
at least  3 (in big and long festivals where there are safety problems too)


4 hours daily  (even more if necessary)
Normally 4 shows (one hour each) with short breaks.

About us:

A group of strange characters...Hermits, angels and thinkers remain levitating in front of our eyes without tricks or deceptions, interacting with the public and handing out gems of wisdom!
The Mattacchioni Volanti are moving their first steps in the national and international worlds of the street arts. Like all babies, they are really curious, incredulous of theirs extraordinary success, innocent and pure, but above all, they are having a great time.
They themselves do not know if they are the result of an optical illusion, a masterpiece of engineering, or if they are the western application of an eastern desire. In 2011, the first year of activity, sensationally they smite at festivals such as Mercantia, Ferrara, the Bascherdeis and many others. It is imperative, therefore, the birth of the association in 2012. The field is the one of the living applications (they don't know exactly what it means but it sounds good).
Riccardo the visionary traveler, the brothers Mauro and Massimo, the real minds of the project, mothers, girlfriends, mates, friends ... any excuse is good to spend time together and have fun. The desire to draw a smile, putting into question the logic and the laws of physics, the fun in front of the others' surprise...all this and much more is the "mission" of these cute Jokers...


Riccardo  0039 348 3919787
Mauro      0039  339 8496711
Massimo   0039 348 4924292

Facebook : Mattacchioni Volanti





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